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  • Cable & Coil Racking

    Total LIFT & STOR has the answer to storing and dispensing cables & coils. Versatile and user friendly, it makes storage of these products easy.

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  • Cantilever Racking

    Cantilever racking is the best solution for long items such as timber, steel pipes, extrusions, panels and odd shaped products. It can be made up double or single sided to make the most of your warehouse.

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  • Carpet Racking

    This racking is specially designed for the storage of carpet, vinyl and underlay, an essential for every carpet shop.

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  • Drive-In Racking

    Drive-in racking is the ideal way to store large quantities of similar size pallets;

    • high density storage
    • smallest foot print
    • best storage option for large amounts of same product
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  • Mesh Decking

    Check out our mesh decking;

    • highly durable
    • maintenance-free
    • good fire safety performance
    • no dust build-up
    • allows better visibility for racks below
    • ideal for all storage, including coldrooms and freezers
    • decks for all rack types and applications
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  • Pallet Racking

    The most efficient way to store palletised goods.

    • suitable for many products
    • large range of sizes
    • extremely strong
    • passes all Australian and FEM standards for racking
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  • Pallet Racking Audits

    Safety is our priority in the design of our storage systems. Ask Total LIFT & STOR to inspect your storage system to make sure it is:

    • best suited to your needs
    • safe
    • efficient
    • complies with Australian and FEM standards
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  • Raised Storage Areas

    Raised storage areas to increase your floor space and avoid spending money to expand your warehouse;

    • safe & easily adjusted
    • many different types including floors over shelving, racking or posts
    • a design for every need
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  • Two Tier Constructions

    Two tier constructions use shelving or racking with walkways in between. Features include;

    • save floor space
    • cost effective
    • no lifting or machinery needed to access products
    • readily added to
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