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  • Adjustable Shelving

    Readily adjustable to suit changes in your product range.

    • quick to rearrange- no bolts
    • just lift and tap
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  • Boltless Shelving

    The Super 1/2/3 shelving is quick to assemble, and solves your storage needs in;

    • warehouse
    • office workshop
    • home
    • school
    • anywhere
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  • Clothes Storage

    Racking for storage and display of clothing;

    • attractive design
    • versatile
    • adjustable
    • can be married easily with shelving
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  • Coldroom Shelving

    Shelving for freezers and fridges;

    • adjustable
    • rustproof
    • boltless
    • wire mesh shelves available
    • food grade shelves available
    • great range of sizes
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  • Display Hooks

    Hooks of every shape and size to suit all types of backboard, pegboard & slatwall.

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  • Domestic Shelving

    For the home, use it in;

    • the shed
    • the garage
    • cupboards
    • many widths, heights & depths available
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  • Food Grade Shelving

    Perforated plastic shelf panels, certified for storing raw food in coldrooms:

    • light weight
    • versatile
    • washable in a commercial dishwasher
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  • Gondola Shelving

    The ideal showroom display system, attachments available include;

    • hooks
    • shelves
    • hanging rails
    • sloping shelves
    • many more
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  • Heavy Duty Shelving

    Great for those small but heavy items, its features are;

    • solid constitution
    • metal, mesh or timber
    • many different heights
    • adjustable
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