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  • Library Shelving

    For readily accessible book storage;

    • libraries
    • offices
    • homes
    • no requirement too small, or too big
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  • Lightweight Shelving

    Suitable for storing lightweight items such as;

    • clothing
    • display stock
    • any small items
    • cost effective
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  • Long Span

    Suitable for storage of medium to heavy duty loads such as steel, timber, pipes etc;

    • very versatile
    • fully adjustable
    • available in timber, solid steel or mesh
    • ideal for low and high rise order picking
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  • Mobile Systems

    Maximises use of limited space

    • easy to move by hand
    • mechanical system available
    • range of sizes
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  • Modular Steel Shelving

    Metalsistem Super 1/2/3 is a unique shelving system;

    • suits any storage need
    • many add-ons
    • boltless
    • saves time at installation and when rearranging
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  • Rolled Edge Shelving

    An enclosed shelving system;

    • many different sizes
    • range of colours
    • light and heavy duty shelves available
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  • Tyre Storage

    Our tyre racking system is

    • easily adjustable
    • light weight
    • strong
    • user friendly
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  • Wall Strips & Brackets

    Wall strips are great for hanging those one off items;

    • neat & tidy
    • large range of sizes
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  • Wire Deck Shelving

    Wire deck shelving allows air movement around product. Use in;

    • commercial kitchens
    • coldrooms
    • warehouses
    • storerooms
    • hospitals
    • schools
    • Adjustable, supplied flat packed
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